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De Why Hosted Exchange producten van Switch2Asp worden gemiddeld beoordeeld met een , gebaseerd op klantbeoordelingen.

Why Hosted Exchange

Do you still run your own Exchange Server?

At Switch2sp as a leading supplier in Europe of online services such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Microsoft 365 solutions, we understand that there are many reasons why you may consider switching to an outsourced email solution , including the implications of business network and the process of migration from your existing system. But with 10,000+ customers and more as 200,000 users of the service, we have the experience to get your business to advise the benefits of a hosted solution . We are Exchange experts who closely collaborate with Microsoft in the UK and Redmond, Seattle to ensure that our solution is one of the most advanced in the world.

What are the main benefits of cloud computing ?

- Flexible pricing : you pay only for what you actually need;
- Pay per user per month;
- Automatic Updates : always work with the latest version of the software or service;
- Contributes to the standardization of the IT infrastructure;
- Secure online access to your data
- 24x7 Support if needed!

Exchange Service Status Info

Current Service Status:

All Services running as normal

To contact the Service Desk customers can either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0228-712 029 (NL) +31 (0)228-712 029 (International)

Dates for your diary - Upcoming Routine Maintenance

There are currently no planned outages for maintenance or upgrade on the platform at this time.


Customers about Switch2asp

Below you will find some reactions from Customers and what they think or say about Switch2asp and the products they use from us

Newzoo - games - market - research

Switch2asp helps us virtually to the future!!!

Newzoo is a rapidly growing international full service market research and consulting organization , which is 100% focused on the game industry .
Switch2asp is our partner that makes this possible on a technical level .
Thanks to the Flexible Hosted Exchange for our email , we are capable of this rapid growth, without worrying about technical issues.

Switch2asp characterized by customer orientation , fast service and good prices.

"Switch2asp helps us virtually to the future"



Wybe Schutte
Manager New Business



AvantK Commerce

A company that deals with setting up websites that sell new car parts over the Internet.

Since we have two locations with multiple PCs, Laptops and Smartphones it is essential for us to get every order and customer inquiries on any system.

After extensive research we found Switch2asp who informed us very well and has offered Hosted Exchange Services us a solution to our problem.

For quite a few years already, we are succesfully using these services, and we never had any outages or faillures.

In short, we are doing what we are good at and Switch2asp do what they are good at.

Customer logo AvantK Commerce

Dhr. A.J. van 't Klooster
CEO AvantK Commerce



Top TV Producer ALL3MEDIA has enabled its staff to acces email on location around the globe!!!

Top TV Producer ALL3MEDIA maker of Hollyoaks, Formula 1, Midsomer Murders and Fift Gear etc, has given Hosted Exchange to the full staff to give them access to their email worldwide.
Damien Frost (IT director of all3media) commented: As our company grows, so do the number of email accounts required and with that comes the problem of spam, Hosted Exchange service which includes MessageLabs Anti-Spam service provided us with the level of protection we wanted. In my view, email management and all that comes with it is something best outsourced and dealt with by a dedicated and experienced IT partner.




AIESEC International

Happy with the Services provided by Switch2asp!!!

AIESEC, the worlds largest student organization and present in over 800 universities is the International platform for young people to discover and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society.
Our global network of nearly 100 countries requires us to have a fast, reliable and efficient email solution to ensure regular and reliable communication via the internet.

We are happy with the services provided to us by Switch2asp, and look forward to working with them in the future.

We appreciate the support and response provided by Switch2asp for the better and efficient functioning of the services they deliver to us.

Mr. Abhishek Singh JadonAIESEC International
Information Systems Project Manager
Global Office - Rotterdam

AIESEC International


Raijmakers Administraties BV.

A crefree life with Switch2asp!!!

Our firm started as a sole proprietorship in 1998 with a home office. On such a moment the company infrastructure is not so important. When we were moving in 2002 to larger premises and the team was expanded with a number of employees, we where looking seriously to a solid solution for our data security and e-mail environment.

We wanted to make sure that we had the best system there is available in the market. For us this means that all our employees have access everywhere and any time to their email, but also, that this happens safely, and that virusses and intruders dont have any chance and that we wouldnt have any outages or faillures where or whenever.

Now there are many providers and companies that promis this, but what was really important to us, besides the continuity, is that we ourselves, wouldnt have to concern with troubleshooting problems, installation, and updates or any other maintenance.

At this moment allready over 13 years we are a very sattisfied customer of Switch2asp. They have fulfilled all the promises and it feels good to be taken care of everything without us having to do anything. Malfunctions or outages we have never experienced.
Meanwhile we also got acquainted with the Network Division and website developers Switch2asp .

The people from Switch2asp are always availablewhenever we have any questions and
they have simple but effecte solutions. And we have, as the experience shows us, also a great value for money.Hoofdkantoor Raijmad BV.

For us, the Services of Switch2asp means a carefree life in the world of e-mail, internet and networking.

Mevr.I.F.M.T. Raijmakers, bc
CEO Raijmakers Administraties.

Raijmad BV




Professionele mail zonder zorgen!!!

ELFLOW BV HAS BEEN created in 1998 and HAS served well over 200 customers across the world in the (Petro) chemical, Oil (LNG, drilling platforms, etc.), refining and power industry.e-mail is very important to us, not only for business meetings but also for internal communication. Through the internal mailing list we share knowledge and help solve each other's problems..

Because we rather deal with our customers instead of the mail server, it was logical to oursource the email.
Switch2asp provides an excellent service: fast and reliable. Questions are answered quickly, even outside normal business hours.

With the web interface, we can create new email accounts or adjust things where and when it suits us.
If there again regains a new colleague, in a few clicks we can create a email account. A quick phone call or an email to Switch2asp for adding the license, and we ourselfes fill in the remaining details for the new account.
Our mail server grows with us

The bottom line is that the slogan of Switch2asp, exactly does what it says:They run our software, and we run our business.

Elflow BV

Dhr. M. Ellmer
CEO Elflow





References from customers outside the Netherlands


Compass GroupCompass Group
I have been particularly impressed with the way they have responded to our changing business needs. We were originally operating on there shared platform which provided us with a reliable email delivery service including upgrades and screening for viruses and spam. As our business grew, they placed us on a dedicated platform which gives the same robust service we enjoyed previously. However the new platform gives us the flexibility to expand to an additional 20,000 users over the next couple of years.

Gerhard Eygelaar - Global IT Manager, Compass Group EMEA


We changed to hosted exchange because we did not have the time or resources to manage our IT requirements. Using there hosted service we can share information, calenders, contacts and email wherever we are in the world from a range of mobile devices, all without fear of spam or viruses corrupting the data. It also means we can send large, complex technical documents and diagrams, with the reassurance that they will not bounce back or be lost.

Having searched the marketplace for a solution to meet our business needs, we've found a great partner in them. Their services are a key element of our award-winning IT infrastructure. They take care of all the necessary software upgrades and security requirements so that we can get on with what we know best, providing a highly responsive service to our clients.

Graeme Lloyd-Roberts - Technical Director, Bellwether


Innocent DrinksInnocent Drinks
Now that they managing our communications and messaging, we no longer have to worry about any downtime. Nor do we have to address any threats from viruses and spam as they have it all under control. This means that we can communicate efficiently with our employees, suppliers and customers. We are so pleased with this service that we plan to expand our current capacity of 75 users to 120.

Online collaboration is another business requirement which they ares helping us to address. As we expand abroad, our overseas operations departments need to share documents with the UK teams. Our plan is to implement there Hosted Windows SharePoint Services solution next year. It will enable our disparate user base to have access to real-time business information, without having to solely rely on email.

Andrea Kalavsky, Systems Magician, Innocent Drinks


Red Studios Red Studios
Within the group, Red Studios is the world's leading publisher of business audio programmes - publishing CDs of the world's top business leaders and gurus so our customers can listen in their cars. Redshop.biz is an online business learning superstore. PodExec.com is the iTunes of business training.

We chose to use hosted exchange because email is our most important communication tool, reliability is important to us, and because we want to be able to run our business from anywhere in the world.

With the outlook web access and the Outlook Mobile service for PDA's this has become a reality.

We chose them because email servers are complicated things and we wanted a provider with the expertise and resources to ensure reliability. In four years we've probably only had about 4 hours of unscheduled downtime - they carefully plan any scheduled maintenance for the times when you're really not going to be wanting to use your email, like 1am on a Sunday morning! That's why we don't want to have to manage our own email servers!

We don't have to worry about upgrades, patches, hardware failures or anything else, and the monthly fee structure also enables us to have a predictable cost of ownership without any nasty surprises.

There's also the benefit of scalability. We'll be growing the business quite rapidly over the next few years, and we know that our email system can grow with us very easily - new users can be added almost instantly.

Finally, if ever you do need their tech support team to help you then they're knowledgeable, responsive and friendly.
I have already recommended them to many other people - including recommending them in my books 'Start Your Business Week by Week' and 'The Small Business Handbook' - and I don't hesitate in recommending them to you.

Steve Parks, Chief Executive of The Red Group


Ice N Slice Ice n Slice
We selected the Hosted Exchange service because we had the opportunity as a start-up business to get the foundations correct at the beginning. We all now benefit from having access to email, schedules, and contacts whilst on the move and from any browser in the world.

The reason we are still with them is that in any outsourced IT scenario there is always the human element with regard to security. There 'human' security probably saved our business a year ago because they followed their procedures by the book.

Russell King, Managing Director, Ice N Slice Ltd



ISO Certifications 27001 and 9001

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 certification shows that we have standardised procedures for the work we do and that we are always looking for ways to do things better. This provides a consistent service for our customers and ensures quality, safety and reliability.

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

ISO 27001 certification shows we keep our customer’s data confidential, safe, secure and always accessible for them. We protect and regularly back up data to prevent any loss or damage and lack of availability, especially during disasters.